Welcome to AfricanaWiki, the structured knowledge-base for all things Africana.

At AfricanaWiki we catalog everything relating to people of African descent, around the world (including those living in Africa).

AfricanaWiki currently runs the movement #RememberBlackWallStreet. #RememberBlackWallStreet aims to spread awareness about Black Wall Street (as it is not taught in history books), not only to combat the notion that African-American people cannot build successful cities, but to bring to light history that has been covered up for some time. #RememberBlackWallStreet is a non-violent, pacifist movement which follows the AfricanaWiki Doctrine.

Semantic Web, structured data

Research at AfricanaWiki being done is on what Michael Johnson Jr calls the Racism-Media Industrial Complex, which highlights how big media conglomerates promote racism and stunt the African-American community and culture for profit, as well as ideal cities in which to construct a "New Black Wall Street," as it were, or a Black Silicon Valley (Project New Greenwood).

AfricanaWiki follows semantic web protocols. Semantic web enables the content at AfricanaWiki to be strutured in a way that makes the content easier for machines to understand. There will be a public API soon, stay tuned.

Historically, AfricanaWiki was an extension of the Code Black movement. It served the same purpose as it does today, though it was shut down by Michael Johnson Jr (Founder) in 2016. In November 2017 it was brought back.

AfricanaWiki also hopes to pick up where other movements left off. For example, many African-American political and community movements do not address crime in the African-American community. At AfricanaWiki, we believe the African-American community cannot move forward until we address crime in our communities. We stress the importance of the study of criminology along with sociology and psychology to most efficiently solve crime-related (and other) problems in African-American communities.

#BlackLivesMatter is one such movement that overlooks African-American criminality in mainstream contemporary African-American culture (or thug culture) and crime in African-American communities. "Black crime" tends to be the main grievance of not only anti-black racists, but much of Western civilization. The African-American community must address crime and criminality if we are to move forward. We begin at culture (as we are not genetically inferior) and we also acknowledge racism as a factor, but one that might be more difficult to solve (so we focus on improving ourselves).

AfricanaWiki ultimately aims to inform, so that African-American culture can be made better. And we need your help! Please visit to apply to become a writer here at AfricanaWiki if you'd like to contribute.