Code Black is a movement to unite programmers of African descent to help lift of the African Diaspora through technology.

Code Black Manifesto:

  1. Introduction. For the last few centuries, the African Diaspora has been an easy target for for-profit exploitation by the West. We believe this exploitation has stunted the technological and economic development of the African Diaspora.

  2. Mission. Code Black's Mission is to provide the African Diaspora with built-in, sustainable, culturological methods which will enable us to build and fortify our communities and to explore the world, using logic and the power of technology as fuel for our endeavors.

  3. Strategy. To achieve our Mission, Code Black emphasizes logic over all other methods of thought. We understand that the mastery of advanced technological tools will maximize the likelihood of achieving our Mission.

  4. Methods. We maintain political neutrality. We are community activists, not political activists. Our efforts are focused on building and improving our communities, not trying to solve social illnesses. Accordingly, the understanding of human behavior is also necessary to most efficiently navigate our neutrality in a world of conflicts, and to lead and inspire the members of our communities to take necessary action to help improve the health of our communities and our people.

  5. Documentation. We must collect, preserve, and protect our documents of our history, culture, and literature, and continue to document our works and other data, to host on our own servers, on our own property, on our own land, for the posterity of the African Diaspora.

  6. Sustainability. It is true that in the past the systems we built were destroyed (e.g. Black Wall Street). For this reason, we understand that the sustainability and security of any centralized system for African Diaspora development is of high importance. We predict that our political neutrality will help us greatly in this regard, and we hope to establish mutual relations with all groups so that we may build and maintain healthy communities for our people all over the world.


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