AfricanaWiki Doctrine

We are pacifists -- so that we do not repeat the cycle of violence (in response to oppression). Everyone is connected and we are all human beings who need to take care of each other, no matter the race (this includes people of European descent, and especially the poor).
People of African descent are not biologically inferior -- all deficiencies in the African American community are environmental (cultural deficiencies, (institutional) racism, etc.). We support amending existing systems rather than revolution. Separatist ideologies like Pan-Africanism are not completely denounced but they are not officially supported.

We define the racism-media industrial complex, in which big media comglomerates exploit the negative aspects of black culture for profit to the detriment of the African-American community and African-American culture. We also address crime in black communities and criminality in mainstream contemporary black culture through understanding criminology.

An understanding of how African-Americans view the world is imperative for those who seek to understand the plight of the oppressed.

The main goal of AfricanaWiki is not only to inform, but to make the process of the Western world (Europe/US) making amends with the people they've conquered as peaceful as possible, lest we repeat history.

We are friends of the West and Western civilization and culture, as many of us are citizens in Western countries or countries that have diplomatic relations with the West (almost all, if not all of Africa).
Through this doctrine we have constructed these rules for editors to follow:

If any article does not follow the AfricanaWiki Doctrine, the article must be edited so that it does.