#RememberBlackWallStreet is a non-violent, pacifist movement started by AfricanaWiki to spread awareness about the Black Wall Street that existed in Tulsa, OK in 1926 before it was burned down.

The goals of the movement are to:

  1. Get the US Government to acknowledge Black Wall Street as well as the Tulsa Race Riots

  2. Have Black Wall Street acknowledged in history books nationwide

  3. Secure reparations in the form of a subsidized city (or more than one city) specifically for African-American advancement

If goal #3 is not possible, much research has been done on the best place to build a new Black Wall Street . Ideally, the city will be in the geographic Black Belt, in one of the most already successful African-American counties: either Prince George's county near Washington, D.C. or Best Southwestern (Desoto, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, and Lancaster) near Dallas, TX.

To support this movement, please share this page, use the #RememberBlackWallStreet hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media (feel free to share the image to the right), and like AfricanaWiki on Facebook .